I have many stained glass pieces created by Charlene Kelln of CK Glassworks.  They are always incredibly made and absolutely beautiful.  All I can say is WOW!!

Janice L

Victoria, BC

Hi Charlene,

The stained glass is beautiful: I love the colors we chose, and Jim likes it very much also.  Thank you for the beautiful job you did!


Knoxville, Tennessee

Hi Charlene,

 I love the window, I had it up against a window in my bathroom to see what it looks like with the light. It is gorgeous, thank you.

Mary-Ellen T

Victoria, BC

So Charlene K just dropped off this horse design that she created for me, to give to the lady who owns the horse that I ride... I just love it!! I know she will too! Thanks so much Charlene, its sooo beautiful! And you did it up so quickly too.. very talented, thanks again!!! 

Jayna F

Victoria, BC

Hi Charlene,

Yes, it sure has arrived. It is hanging in the window above all my orchids, and we love it. I have left positive feedback for you, and I will double check that to make sure I did.

 Kaeryn S

West View, PA

I have had the occasion to have in my home, work that Charlene Kelln has produced.

I must say that her work, and her approach to her profession, are both to be held in the highest regard and beyond reproach. Her work is exquisite and very finely crafted

Marylou S.

Victoria, BC

It was awesome. You did a phenomenal job and I am certain you will get a few jobs just from people seeing the mustang. He makes sure to show it to everyone that comes in the house. He was completely blown away by how we have been plotting for a year to get this made for him.

Tehya C

Victoria, BC

Hi Charlene,

As promised we've attached a couple of photographs of Mikes finished table . Perhaps you would like to have them for your portfolio. Your stain glass top looks wonderful and thank you once again for doing such a lovely job. We now have a table that is totally a 'one of ' and something to be proud of. Take care 

Mike & Betty C

Victoria, BC

Charlene's passion for her glass work is truly amazing.  I have commissioned two stained glass windows for my downstairs suite from her as well as two bedroom lamps. I have had so many comments about how beautiful the stained glass looks hanging from my windows.  She has gifted hands and a talent for creating work that would show beautiful in anyone's home.  The pieces I have bought from Charlene are truly a work of art.  Thank you Charlene,

Debra R.

Metchosin, BC

Those Vase's you did including the side magnets which included the brides flower petals & ribbons memories of a special day. Those family members cherish them. The Bride herself, displays those Vase's with such love, they are always the focal point of the room. Knowing they were designed and handmade, by a true artist, is a gift all in itself.  Forever cherished!

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into these pieces

Dian D.

Wainwright, AB


I just realized, I don't think I sent you a message after I gave my gram her Jewel Box? We went for Brunch up at the Tigh-Na-Mara, and she opened her gifts there, it was great. She opened up the box and she was in tears, it really made her day she said. It blew everyone else out of the water hahah! So thank you again for all your hard work, it was a BIG hit, she now has it displayed on her dining room table for all to see. Thanks, 

Krystal B

Sooke, BC

I wanted to give my cabinets a new look and had seen Charlene's beautiful glasswork so asked her to do the doors.

All I told her were some colours I liked and she created better than what I had imagined. 

Unfortunately we moved from that house and those doors are all that I miss!  I plan to get Charlene to do some of my doors again when I redo my present kitchen.

Kim G.

Wainwright, AB

Hi Charlene

Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful hummingbird window you created for my mom.  She LOVED it and can't wait to hang it up in the cottage at the lake.  They have a number of hummingbird feeders there and she is always snapping pictures.  She was thrilled to have something so nice to put up. 

So, thank you!  Your work is beautiful and I will be certainly be passing your name and website around to others!

Diana P

Victoria, BC

I gave Charlene a vague idea of a yellow roses piece that would be given to my wife on our anniversary.  She was able to design, create, and ship the completed work of art in an incredibly short period of time.   The vibrancy of the yellow roses are set off by the unique background and I have already had many admiring comments from my coworkers as I have showed off this work of art.  I am so impressed with her work and can't wait to present this to my wife.   

     Thanks again Charlene for your efforts in making our anniversary more memorable.    

            Ernie C.

            Brandon, MB


Hi Charlene,

Here's a couple of pictures of your lovely pieces of work that's now in place up at our cabin. It looks amazing! 

Thank you again for making this for me... I will get many hours of enjoyment from just looking at it!


Jo-Anne M

Victoria, BC

Charlene is super talented and I will not hesitate to commission her to do other works for us in the future...simply gorgeous artwork at a reasonable price...and so pleasant to deal with!

Sarah T.

Brentwood Bay, BC

Keep up the nice work Charlene!

It was refreshing to see an abstract image in your collection of work. It was different from the other work that I have see from you. Maybe you can do some more abstracts?

Dean K.

Vancouver, BC

I asked Charlene to make something for me to give to my mother-in-law for her 50th and it's turned out awesome, I love it!!! Charlene you truly are a master of stained glass and are very gifted. Thank you so much!!


Langford, BC

Hello Charlene,

I got the box yesterday, even sooner than I thought!! Everything was just perfect and the box is really beautiful, I have to say that your work is really amazing, Love the job you have done mixing the agate with the collared glass, you definitely have a very satisfied costumer all the way over here and I hope I have the chance to someday visit Victoria and see some more of your pieces....

Thank you again for everything specially for organizing the rush shipment of the parcel, the box is going to be a gift for my goddaughter on her baptism on Friday and I was looking for something just like this because her name happens to be Agata and I wanted to get her a long-lasting and unique gift with an agate stone in it so your box is, pretty much, the most perfect gift I could ever think of.

My warmest regards,

Melanie H

Madrid, Spain


Thanks for the beautiful jewellery box. My wife loves it


Steve M.

Odessa Florida


Hi Charlene,

Thank you for making the beautiful box for our Mom & Dad's ashes. It means the world to us to have something so special for them.


With love & thanks

Susan & Barbara C.

Victoria, BC


Hi Charlene,

Wow!!!! You out did yourself. I have to say that the piece with my Schatzi is the best piece that I have and the best that you have done. 

Absolutely are amazing!!

Thank you


Saanich, BC